Collective Impact: bringing people together in a structured way to achieve a common goal.

Those of you familiar with our work know we are big believers in the collective impact model. The collective impact framework is an effective tool not only for nonprofits; it can successfully be applied to work teams, business networks, associations, and partnerships.

In today’s COVID-19 environment, with many of us working from home with little to no personal interaction, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and to feel like you are working in isolation. Or worse yet, in competition or conflict with others. Minor missteps or misunderstandings can quickly spiral out of control and do long-term damage to your efforts.

Talking through the five pillars of collective impact with your team or network can help align your efforts and create a sense of shared accountability and direction.

The five common pillars to the collective impact model:

  • A common agenda
  • Shared measurement
  • Mutually reinforcing activities
  • Continuous communication
  • And, a strong backbone. An individual or team dedicated to orchestrating the work of the group.

Want to learn more about the collective impact model or how to have this conversation with your group? We’d love to help.