All good leaders and business owners have an ear to the ground and are constantly listening for what drives, motivates, and engages the people important to the line of work they are in. While nothing beats sitting down over a cup of coffee and having a one on one conversation with a valued employee, customer, or volunteer, let’s face it, your time is limited. You can only meet with so many individuals within any given timeframe.

This is why we are excited to announce we now offer digital survey services.

While not intended to replace these important conversations, digital surveys are an efficient and cost-effective way to test your assumptions and gather information to strengthen and grow your business or organization. Taking part in a survey connects people to your business or organization, increases your brand awareness, and shows them you value their input.

  • Find out how your employees really feel about their job and get the feedback you need to keep them happy.
  • Your customers’ happiness directly influences your company’s success. A customer satisfaction survey will measure your product or services value and quality, helping you gauge opportunities for improvement.
  • Your website acts as a virtual handshake for your business and a frustrating user experience can turn potential customers away. Gather user opinions on your website’s use and appearance to keep those page clicks coming and avoid drop-offs.
  • Volunteers and board members donate their time and resources to champion and support your mission. Make sure their time is well spent with a volunteer feedback survey. Ask participants about their contribution, their training needs, and you can keep them engaged year after year.

Fees range from $400 – $1,500 depending on the size, scope, and complexity of the survey. All packages come with:

  • An initial meeting to learn about your goals so that we can design the survey accordingly.
  • Survey design, set up, and response tracking.
  • A customized survey look and feel with your logo and colors, including a customized URL.
  • A final report including a top-line analysis of the data, the raw data in XLS format, and color charts and graphs.

Want to learn more? Remember that cup of coffee mentioned earlier? Let’s chat.

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