A couple of clients have recently asked if social media marketing (SMM) is worth their investment. Should they invest resources into SMM when they have so many other competing demands on their budget? It’s a great question, and I was happy to share my thoughts on the subject.

The short answer is, yes. In a world so entrenched in electronic media, you need a social media presence if you want to be viewed as credible and relevant to today’s environment. A strategically planned and well-executed social media strategy can be an effective piece of your overall public relations/marketing strategy.

Here are just a few reasons SMM is a worthwhile investment and should not be overlooked as part of your overall marketing plan:

SMM is budget-friendly.
You don’t need a large budget to get started; it’s easy to scale your budget as your organization or business grows. Regardless of the size of your social media budget, I strongly encourage you to include paid promotional tools such as boosting or sponsoring content in your strategy. This is an inexpensive yet effective way to segment your messaging and reach your target audience.

SMM provides direct access to people outside your “inner circle.”
Depending on the source, anywhere from 69% to 79% of people in the US regularly use social media to connect with people, organizations, and businesses, and to stay current on news, share information, and entertain themselves. Why would you not include a marketing strategy that has the potential to reach such a high percentage of people at a very reasonable cost?

SMM is an effective tool to support your broader communications and marketing goals.
When aligned with your overall communications/marketing efforts, SMM can bolster your efforts to reach your goals. For example, if one of your communications goals is to drive people to your website, you generate content that motivates your followers to visit your site. If one of your goals is to reach new donors, you create content that speaks to the impact of their gift and the positive change their contribution will support. If one of your goals is to increase sales, you promote your services or products in a way that appeals to your segmented markets.

Okay, I get it. Now what?
Convinced? I hope so. When done right, SMM is a cost-effective and essential part of any business or organization marketing effort. And it does not need to be complicated. Strategic yes, complicated no.

We’ve provided social media strategy development and execution for many of our clients. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out. We’d love to hear about your goals and answer any questions you may have.

In the meantime, be on the lookout for the next segment of this blog series where I’ll be sharing what key pieces to include in your SMM plan.